Joe Taylor



CD Release Dates

Joe Taylor has been busy working away in the studio and is set to release not one, but two CDs!  His previously released acoustic album "Try" is getting a new lift on life.  His upcoming album, "'Try Again", will be a full production of the original tracks along with the original versions. "Try Again" will be out in late March!  Many thanks to Bob Tucker for his mixing and mastering talents!  Joe's second upcoming album, "Heartfelt Graffiti", will be released as Taylor Ross in late 2017 since this is a collaboration between Joe Taylor and Canadian producer Jeff Ross.

(Joe Taylor is seen pictured with Tom Walsh, former drummer for the band America. Tom's musical talent will be featured on Joe's upcoming singles.)



"Don't Change" and "Build This House" are available on iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon.

Special thanks to co-writers Jane Getz and Hilary Bernstein, along with Bob Tucker's amazing wall of sound at Crescent Heights Studio.

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